Pre-Operative Tests for Laser Procedures

The overall health of your eyes will be checked. Measurements of your cornea will be taken. Your pupil size will be checked. Your refractive error will be measured. In some cases, your ophthalmologist will measure the quality and the amount of tears that your eyes make. This is to check if you have dry eye, and if so, how severe it is.

  1. Refraction.
  2. Corneal Topography.
  3. Corneal Pachymetry.
  4. Aberrometry
  5. Keratometry.
  6. Slit-lamp Examination.
  7. Dry Eye Evaluation
  8. Tonometry.
  9. Retinal checkup.

Outcomes :

Six month after surgery, the vast majority of patients treated by us achieved the following:

  • Extreme improvement in the quality of their vision.
  • Vision is better than 20/20 without glasses.
  • Vision without glasses after surgery is as good as, or even better than with glasses before surgery.
  • No increase in unwanted glare, halos, or night driving difficulty.

Presbyopia LASIK :

  • No need to carry glasses everywhere or deal with special contact lenses.
  • Able to read menus, magazines or price tags while shopping.
  • I Feel younger and freer.

LASER Surgery in Indore

Any surgical procedure that you elect can occur only after a careful evaluation of your eye and the type of refractive error that presently obscures your vision. The exact price is determined after a thorough examination of both the eyes and understanding your health history.

With more than 15 years of experience in ophthalmology and expertise as an outstanding physician , Dr. Praveen Saluja is one of the experienced eye surgeons in Indore. His reputation as a leading eye surgeon places him at the forefront of pioneering efforts in innovative eye care.

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LASIK in Indore – Choose the Right Procedure for Laser Eye Surgery

When glasses or contact lenses become a trouble in your life, LASIK surgery offers an alternative that can give you a clear vision again. The innovative technology treats the most common types of refractive errors that you may know as nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism. Changes in the structure of your eye that alter your vision may relate to age or to coping with the challenges that result from the way that you use your eyes. LASIK surgery offers a highly successful approach to permanently improving your vision without ever having to use glasses or contact lenses ever again.