Benefits of ICL

Precise Vision Correction

ICL has been approved in Europe since 1997 and in the U.S. since 2005. In that time, over 500,000 eyes have been implanted with ICLs by certified, specialized surgeons with a study showing a 99% patient satisfaction rate. In addition to that, one also gets the following benefits:

  1. No dry eyes
  2. High definition vision which is sharp and crisp
  3. Excellent Night Vision
  4. Preferred choice in thin corneas
  5. UV protection is inbuilt in ICL
  6. A typically quick, 15-minute procedure and most people can resume daily activities in just a few short days with clearer vision

For people who value health and wellness, the ICL surgery could be the choice for you. The Collamer base of the lens material is 100% biocompatible, meaning it is designed to function in harmony with your body’s chemistry.

Peace of Mind

  1. The ICL can give you the freedom to live a life uninhibited by the day-to-day lifestyle demands of glasses and contacts. Your favorite activities and new adventures are on the horizon, usually in a few short days.
  2. One of the most common concerns people have about laser-based correction is that the procedure permanently changes the shape of their eye by removing corneal tissue.
  3. The advantage of the ICL is that it can permanently correct your vision yet no natural tissue is removed or reshaped in any way during the procedure.
  4. If for the unlikely reason you need or wish to remove your ICLs in the future, you can get it done by your Ophthalmologist.

Getting ICL surgery done at Saluja Eye Care Center, Indore